Assessment of Learning Part 2

1. Which statement is true regarding the use of opinions in alternate response type of test?

A. Opinions can be used but should be attributed to  source.

B. In such type of test, opinions should not be placed as there is no place in alternate response type of test

C. As long as students can justify their opinions, teachers can use his own opinions.

D. In this type of test, opinion should be widely accepted as true, if used.

2. Based on assessment results, Teacher Joan concluded that her students have attained the lesson’s objectives so Teacher Joan _____.

A. should conduct remediation

B. must review the past lessons

C. should enrich the lessons

D. can proceed with the next lesson

3. For grades 1 to 10, what is the percentage weight given to perform tasks in th learning areas under Languages?

A. 50%

B. 40%

C. 60%

D. 30%

4. Which of the following types of objective tests measure the greatest variety of learning objectives?

A. Short answer

B. Alternate response

C. Matching type

D. Multiple choice

5. Which of the following statements can be considered a limitation of true or false test?

A. Oversimplified, hard-to-measure HOTS

C. Scoring is easy, objective, and reliable

D. Scores are easily influenced by guessing

6. Teacher Andrea is planning to assess the students’ ability to defend their stand on whether the country should shift to Federalism or not. Which type of essay questions should she use?

A. Extended response

B. Restricted response

C. Holistic

D. Analytic

7. Teacher Maricar ensures that her students are well-prepared for their quarterly exam by regular conduct of assessment that is used as basis of decisions concerning whether to review, re-teach, remediate, or enrich the day-to-day lessons. What type of assessment is this?

A. Formative

B. Summative

C. Assessment of Learning

D. Assessment as Learning

8. A group of test constructors is trying to find out how well does the performance on the assessment instrument they made estimates current performance on another valued measure. They are trying to establish _____.

A. Predictive validity

B. Content validity

C. Face validity

D. Concurrent validity

9. Teacher Marie is engaged in assessment of learning. She should make sure that her assessment is based on _____.

A. Learning content

B. Learning resources

C. Learning pace

D. Learning outcome

10. Which of the following situations is an example of diagnostic assessment?

A. Teacher Andrew who administered a 10-item test to determine specific concepts difficult to students

B. Teacher George who required his students to do journal writing after discussion on a news commentary

C. Teacher May who administered a quiz at the end of he unit in Trigonometry

D. Teacher Joy who administered an achievement test to Grade 4 students

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