Child and Adolescent Development Part 1

1. Which of the following motor skills can Bert exhibit being a 7-month old?
A. Eat with support
B. Walk with support
C. Stand while holding on to a piece of furniture
D. Sit alone using the hands for support
Answer: D
2. Hannah, a 5-month old baby, demonstrates signs of development in her social domain. Which of the following characteristics of social development is generally true to babies? Babies _____.
A. are near-sighted
B. quickly learn how to pick up mother’s scent work and face
C. become more excited and breathes more rapidly when picked up
D. experience brief periods of quiet alertness and spend most of their time sleeping
Answer: B
3. Which of the following characteristics of physical development is most notable for infants like Lean, who is 9 months old?
A. His/her breathing is abdominal
B. His/her weight increases every month
C. He can see distant object (15-20 feet away)
D. His/her head and chest circumference are nearly equal
Answer: C
4. Kathy, a 1/2 year old baby girl, is already manifesting some language development. Which of the following activities is generally true among 1-2 years old babies with regard to their language development?
A. Stands alone with feet spread apart and arms extended support
B. Tries to pass things to his/her other hand when offered a second object
C. Tries to make mechanical objects work after watching someone else do it
D. Seems aware of the reciprocal back-and-forth aspects of conversational exchanges.
Answer: D
5. During the germinal phase of pre-natal development, a single cell is formed once sperm unites with the egg. This single cell is called a _____.
A. Chromosomes
B. Embryo
C. Mitosis
D. Zygote
Answer: D

6. A child may complain that there is little ice cream left in a big bowl but will be satisfied if the ice cream is transferred to a little bowl, even though nothing is added. Piaget termed this children’s tendency to focus on only one aspect of a situation, problem or object and neglect other significant features as _____.
A. Animism
B. Centration
C. Conservation
D. Egocentrism
Answer: B
7. In Science experiments or investigatory project, high school students consider a problem or situation and identify the many variables that may influence or affect the outcome. They deduce specific hypothesis, which they test inna systematic and organized manner. This cognitive skill or ability is known as _____.
A. Hypothetico-deductive reasoning
B. Propositional thought
C. Rational approach to thinking
D. Relativistic reasoning
Answer: A
8. After Ken explored all of his alternatives, he decided and committed herself to volunteer in programs with noble cause and charitable projects and activities.
A. identify achievement
B. identify diffusion
C. identify foreclosure
D. identify moratorium
Answer: A
9. After having graduated from senior high school, Elizabeth is still contemplating whether to take up special education or guidance and counseling.
A. identify achievement
B. identify diffusion
C. identify foreclosure
D. identify moratorium
Answer: D
10. Edgar believes that conforming to social rules is important as it ensures positive relationship and social order. Edgar belong to which level in Kohlberg’s moral development?
A. Autonomous morality
B. Conventional level
C. Heteronomous morality
D. Pre-conventional level
Answer: B 

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