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This page is for BSED teachers major in Values Education. The following are the coverage of the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) in Values Education.
Coverage in Values Education
• Foundation of Values Education
(Philosophical and Ethical Foundation in Values Education, Socio Cultural, Anthropological and Legal and Legal Basis of  Values Education, Psychological Theories of Values Development)
• Personhood Development
(Personhood Development, Dynamics of Intra and Interpersonal Relations, Psycho-spiritual Development, and Management of Behavior Problems)
• Trans-formative Education (Sources of Values and Factors in Values Education)
(Family Life and Filipino Values System, Education for Human Rights and Responsible Citizenship, Foundation of Gender Studies, Peace and Global Education, Information Technology and Global Development, and Modern Issues and Concerns in Contemporary Living)
• Work Ethics and Community Service
(Career Development and Work Values, and Values Education through Community Service)
• Approach and Methodology
(Facilitation, Theory and Practice, Teaching Approaches and Strategies in Transformative Education, and Values Integration in the School Setting)
• Research and Evaluation
( Behavioral Statistics, Development of Values Education Instructional Materials and Assessment Tools, and Research in Values Education)
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Values Education 1 pptx Download
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Values Education 3 pptx Download
Valued Education 4 pptx Download
Values Education 5 pptx Download
Values Education 6 pptx Download
Values Education 7 docx Download
Values Education 8 pdf Download
Values Education 9 pdf Download
Values Education 10 pptx Download

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