General Education: English


1. All of the participants in the global warming conference are _____ in the lobby.
A. Altogether
B. Alltogether
C. All together
D. Together all
Answer: C
2. The ideas being presented by the speaker are _____ confusion.
A  All together
B. Altogether
C. Together all
D. Al together
Answer: B
3. She _____ on her bed the whole afternoon yesterday.
A. lay
B. lie
C. laid
D. lied
Answer: A
4. He _____ all the cards down a minute ago.
A. laid
B. lie
C. lay
D. lied
Answer: A
Read the passage below from Shakespearean play and answer the question that follows:
The quality of mercy is not strained;
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest;
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes – (William Shakespeare)

5. The passage given  above was taken from which Shakespearean play?
A. Romeo and Juliet
B. Hamlet
C. The Merchant of Venice
D. Julius Caesar
Answer: C
6. Which figure of speech was used in the second line of the quatrain?
A. Metaphor
B. Simile
C. Oxymoron
D. Onomatopoeia
Answer: B
7. Among the Shakespearean characters below, who uttered the given lines given above?
A. Shylock
B. Portia
C. Bassanio
D. Antonio
Answer: B
8. What is the meaning of the passage given above?
A. Mercy is precious thing, and so it must only be given to those who truly deserve it.
B. Mercy must be given to anyone who seeks for it.
C. Giving mercy is only exclusive to God.
D. For mercy to be given, the seeker must give convincing reasons for him/her to deserve it.
Answer: B
9. Politicians who are corrupt must be shamed of _____.
A. Himself
B. Themselves
C. Theirselves
D. Ourselves
Answer: B

10. He saw _____ on the mirror.
A. Himself
B. Ourelf
C. Hisself
D. Themselves
Answer: A
11. She _____ is the culprit.
A. Themselves
B. Herself
C. Ourselves
D. Himself
Answer: B
12. The fire that destroyed over one hundred homes was believed to have been caused by _____ electrical connections.
A. Loose
B. Lose
C. Lost
D. Loosen
Answer: A
13. In the short story “Visitation of the Gods” bu Gilda Cordero-Fernando, Teacher Noelle _____ interest in teaching because of all the flaws of the educational system in their town.
A. Loose
B. Loosen
C. Lost
D. Lose
Answer: C
14. If she _____ here, I would have voted for her.
A. was
B. were
C. will be
D. is
Answer: B
15. The doctor suggests that he _____ inside his room the whole afternoon.
A. remain
B. remained
C. remains
D. remaining
Answer: A
16. The principal recommended that each teacher _____ his/her lesson plans everyday.
A. accomplish
B. accomplished 
C. accomplishes
D. accomplishing
Answer: A
17. I wish he _____ able to speak faster.
A. was
B. is
C. were
D. are
Answer: C
18. The poem “Annabel Lee” was written by the great American poet named _____.
A. Edgar Allan Poe
B Robert Browning
C. Robert Frost
D. Ernest Hemmingway
Answer: A
19. Which figures of speech was used on the following line?
The angels, not half so happy in Heaven
That the wind came out of the cloud by night,
Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee.
A. Hyperbole
B. Apostrophe
C. Personification
D. Ellipses
Answer: C
20. All of the words below are synonyms of the word “sepulchre” except _____.
A. tomb
B. grave
C. crypt
D. fortress
Answer: D

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