English Drill 1

Read and analyze each general question then select the letter that shows the best answer.

1. You should be ashamed of yourself for having such CARNAL desires.

A. Spiritual

B. Bold

C. Worldly

D. Guilty

2. “We listened to a LOQUACIOUS speaker.” The capitalized word means _____.

A. quiet

B. simple

C. verbose

D. lousy

3. The apocalyptic lecture on the “west valley fault line” warns of serious natural disaster in case of a “big earthquake.” The underlined word means _____.

A. careless

B. prophetic

C. attractive

D. encouraging

4. Because of PROFANITY the program was suspended from television. The capitalized word means:

A. obscenity

B. history

C. decency

D. falsehood

5. Iah would read any book or magazine she could lay her hands on and read from cover to cover in one setting. She is such a _____ reader.

A. tedious

B. serious

C. leisurely

D. voracious

6. Even when her friends betray her, Vanessa bears no rancor in her heart because she is not _____.

A. embarrassed

B. consoled

C. bitter

D. insulted

7. The _____ lesson of the story is that honesty is the best policy.

A. morality

B. morale

C. moralism

D. moral

8. “The figure must be TRANSMUTED in order to understand the grade.” The capitalized word means _____.

A. estimated

B. changed

C. surpassed

D. summed

9. Some preachers suggest the _____ that the end of the world is near.

A. proposal

B. prophetic

C. prophecy

D. prophet

10. The expression of “baduy” connotes:

A. uneducated

B. low profile

C. awkward looking

D. smart

11. Several factors must be assessed to arrive at a sound _____.

A. query

B. decision

C. change

D. problem

12. The words “inappropriate, illegal, irresponsible, unaware” have prefixes which are classified as:

A. positive

B. common

C. negative

D. neutral

13. Which does NOT belong?

A. foot

B. kilometer

C. centigrade

D. mile

14. I can’t find _____ calculator; may I use _____, Richard?

A. my, yours

B. by, his

C. his, yours

D. yours, mine

15. If you learn to swim, you _____ on this trip. The appropriate verb phrase to complete the sentence is _____.

A. would go

B. will go

C. will be going

D. would have gone

16. If you forgot _____ textbook, you can use _____, Kevin.

A. yours, ours

B. your, my

C. your, mine

D. our, hers

17. If I _____ known you before, we could have arranged a joint project.

A. have

B. had

C. could

D. will

18. Every teacher, parent and student in the audience _____ every intention of exploring this issue.

A. have

B. has

C. does have

D. do have

19. If you had come with us last night, you _____ the dance.

A. would enjoy

B. will enjoy

C. will have enjoyed

D. would have enjoyed

20. When I met Pilar yesterday, it was the first time I _____ her since Christmas.

A. have seen

B. saw

C. have been seen

D. had seen

21. If you want to be recognized, have a finger in the pie. The underlined phrase means:

A. dip finger in the pie

B. take a share of the pie

C. join a group

D. take an active part in something

22. He was excused because all he said were white lies. The underlined idiomatic expression means:

A. lies are really harmless

B. lies are written on white page

C. lies recited are excusable

D. she recited the lies in public

23. Your father is paying for your plane ticket, _____?

A. isn’t it

B. is he

C. isn’t he

D. aren’t you

24. Wise people can _____ with frustrations.

A. cope up

B. cope on

C. cope in

D. cope

25. Is this the spot _____ you had the accident?

A. why

B. where

C. wherein

D. which

26. When helping in the kitchen, I am always careful not to hurt _____.

A. ourselves

B. myself

C. himself

D. herself

27. Neither the teacher nor the students _____ present in the affairs.

A. am

B. is

C. was

D. were

28. My sister and I met an acquainted of _____ on the shopping mall.

A. ours

B. us

C. mine

D. ourselves

29. We admire _____ when Cynthia speaks English fluently with _____.

A. him, them

B. him, we

C. her, us

D. him, me

30. On your trip to Tagaytay, if you had a chance to meet upon Arsenio, please give _____ my warm regards.

A. himself

B. myself

C. him

D. me