MAJOR: TLE (Basic Electricity)

Basic Electricity
1. The positive charged particle is equal in magnitude to the negative charge of the electron is called.
A. proton
B. atom
C. electron
D. neutron
2. Which refers to a electric machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy?
A. electric generator
B. transformer
C. electric motor
D. battery
3. For joining wires in a junction or pull box, which kind of joint is appropriate to use?
A. rat tail
B. western union short tie
C. duplex wire
D. pigtail splice
4. What should you consider when you are to replace a busted fuse?
A. In replacing a busted fuse, same size cab be used but different in rating
B. In replacing a busted fuse, consider first that this busted fuse is stronger than the one to be replaced
C. The same type should be consireded but with different rating
D. Same type and size should be considered in replacing it
5. Why are household lightings, electrical machine, appliances and power tools connected in parallel rather than series?
A. Parallel connections are simpler than series connection
B. Because most of the time the series connection has a complicated nature
C. To independently operate from each other
D. Service connection consumes more power
6. A form of electricity where the flow of current is always in the same direction _____.
A. voltage
B. power
C. alternating current
D. direct current
7. The force which opposes and reduces the flow of electrical current is recognized as _____.
A. power
B. resistance
C. electromagnetism
D. frequency
8. On the following choices below, what do you call to an electric circuit which converst electrical energy into other form of energy to do work? 
A. load
B. circuit
C. source
D. control
9. A part of n electric circuit, consist of batteries, generator or a main electrical power which supplies electricity.
A. control
B. load
C. source
D. voltage
10. A law that states that current is directly proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance is known as _____.
B. law of resistivity
C. kirchoff’s law
D. ohm’s law

11. In Ohm’s Law, to find the unknown voltage in the circuit, the formula to be used is _____.
A. E = I X R
B. E = I / R
C. I = E / R
D. R = E / I
12. What amount of current does a 40-watt fluorescent lamp draw from a 220 volts power source?
A. 5.5 amperes
B. 0.18 amperes 
C. 25.5 amperes
D. 50.5 amperes
13. There are several factors involved in electrical wiring installation but the foremost consideration is _____.
A. cost
B. labor
C. safety
D. function
14. The standard number or diameter of stranded wires for convenience outlet layout should be.
A. No. 12 or 3.5 mm^2 
B. No. 14 or 2.0 mm^2
C. No. 18 flat cord
D. No. 10 or 5.5mm^2
15. To comply with the requirements of the Philippine Electrical Code the appropriate fuse ratiing for lighting outlet should be _____.
A. 15 amperes
B. 30 amperes
C. 60 amperes
D. 20 amperes
16. On the following choices, what is the reason why planning and designing of electrical wiring is being done?
A. provide efficient and effective wiring system of the building
B. maintain quality workmanship
C. avoid overloaded circuit
D. protect the circuit from high current
17. Circuit breakers are used to protect household electrical circuits. What is the ampacity rating of the breaker used for convenience outlets or general purpose circuits?
A. 20 amperes
B. 30 amperes
C. 15 amperes
D. 60 amperes
18. An electrical component used to control electrical circuit from two different locations.
A. four-way switch
B. three-way switch
C. push-button switch
D. remote controlled switch
19. To conserve energy, what kind of lamp should be used in lighting fixtures?
B. Mercury lamp
D. Neon lamp
20. The size of stranded electrical wire recommend for installing lighting fixtures?
A. 3.5mm^2
B. 5.5mm^2
C. 2.6mm
D. 2.0mm^2
21. When the current flow is 8 amperes, what do you think is the required voltage by an automatic pressure cook if it has a resistance of 20 
A. 240 volts
B. 480 volts
C. 120 volts
D. 160 volts
22. In a 220-volt power line, three 50-watt incandescent bulbs are connected in parallel. How many more bulbs will light if one of the bulbs is open?
A. one
B. two
C. all
D. none
23. In a simple electrical connection, one of the lines of the source is connected to _____.
A. Terminal 1 of the load
B. Terminal 1 & 2 of the load
C. Terminal 2 of the load
D. Terminal 1 & 2 of the switch
24. Which of the following electrical symbols in electrical writing diagram means that there are three wires running in a line?
A. —-/-/-/—-
B. —–/-/-/3—–
C. ————
D. S3W
25. A series connected dry cells will result to _____.
A. increase in the amount of current
B. increase in the amount of voltage
C. increase total resistance
D. more powerful supply of electricity    

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