MAJOR: TLE (Basic Electronics)

Basic Electronics

1. What letter in the English alphabet is used to symbolize impedance in electronics?

A. “R”

B. “I”

C. “Z”

D. “X”

2. If there are only two resistors with different values in a parallel circuit, which formula may be used to find its total resistance?

A. Rt = R/n

B. Rt = (R1 x R2)/ (R1 + R2)

C. 1/Rt = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + …1/Rn

D. Rt = (R1 + R2)/ (R1 x R2)

3. What electronic component may be used by an electronic technician if he needs to convert an alternating current to direct current?

A. Rectifier Diode

B. Switching Diode

C. Zener Diode

D. Signal Diode

4. A resistor made of semiconductor material having resistance that varies rapidly and predictably with temperature.

A. Resistor

B. Thermistor

C. Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)

D. Thyristor

5. An appliance with 110 Volts AC supply is accidently plugged to a 220 Volts AC outlet. What component is usually destroyed?

A. Switch

B. AC plug

C. Line fuse

D. Power transformer

6. A schematic diagram shows the components of an electronic circuit by means of _____.

A. Symbol

B. Construction

C. Physical appearance

D. Linear appearance

7. If there are only two resistors with different values I a parallel circuit, which formula may be used to find its total resistance?

A. Rt = R/n

B. Rt = (R1 x R2)/ (R1 + R2)

C. 1/Rt = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + …1/Rn

D. Rt = (R1 + R2)/ (R1 x R2)

8. Imagine three resistors in parallel, with values of 22 Ω, 27 Ω, and 33 Ω. Among the following choices below, what is the battery’s current drawn if across this combination, a 12 V battery is connected across this combination?

A. 1.4 A

B. 15 mA

C. 150 mA

D. 1.5 A

9. One of the following is a non-polarized electroic component.

A. Transistor

B. Resistor

C. Diode

D. Electrolytic capacitor

10. From the following options, what do you call the voltage rating that is found in a capacitor?

A. Peak-reverse voltage

B. Working voltage

C. Blow-up voltage

D. Breakdown voltage

11. A diode is an electronic part that at all times is expected to do one of the following functions. Which one is it?

A. allow current to flow in both directions

B. multiply voltage

C. allow current to flow in one direction only

D. not allow any current flow

12. The following are various types of diodes. What do you call a diode that serves as a regulator? 

A. Silicone diode

B. Crystal diode

C. Light emitting diode (LED)

D. Zener diode

13. You will find an electrode nearest the white band on a rectifier. What is it?

A. Anode

B. Cathode

C. Gate

D. Main terminal

14. When a diode is tested and the reading is zero, it means the diode is _____.

A. Shorted

B. Open

C. Leaky

D. Good

15. If the transisator is an NPN type the base is _____.

A. Negative and positive

B. Negative

C. Positive

D. Common

16. If the arrow of a transistor symbol is pointing inward it tells us that the transistor is:



C. Bipolar

D. Injunction

17. In the electronic symbol of a transistor, the electrode in an arrow is the _____.

A. Emitter

B. Base

C. Collector

D. Cathode

18. The production of magnetic field by current in a coductor:

A. Electromagnetism

B. Ferromagnetism

C. Magnetism

D. Diamagnetism

19. Among the options below, it is a type of current whose amplitude drops to zero periodically and is produced in rectifier? 

A. Pulsating Direct Current

B. Damped Alternating Current

C. Varying Direct Current

D. Saw tooth wave

20. Printed on the dial of an AM radio is an RF band covering _____.

A. kHz 76 – 90 MHz

B. 88 – 106 MHz

C. 16 Hz – 20 kHz

D. 535 – 1605 kHz

21. An ordinary radio can be tuned to different stations. Among the options below, what do you call this electronic component that is responsible for this function? 

A. Tuning capacitor

B. Oscillator coil

C. IF transformer

D. detector diode

22. If schematic diagram shows the interconnection of components in a circuit by symbols, then what is represented in a block diagrams?

A. It shows the part number of the components

B. It shows current flow

C. It represents operational flow of the circuit from one section to another showing the function of each section

D. It shows actual wiring connection

23. Working efficiently is a good work habit. From the options below, what refers to the tinning the tip of a soldering iron? 

A. Cleaning the tip with a sand paper

B. Making the tip pointed

C. Cutting the tip

D. Applying flux to the tip

24. The common cause of an erratic or distorted sound of a translator radio is a defective.

A. Amplifier

B. Volume control

C. Antenna

D. Tuner

25. An electronic device that is basically a micro-sized component consists of some resistors, capacitors, dodes and transistors all cemented to a micro circuit.

A. Integrated circuit (chips)




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