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PNPA Cadet Aptitude Test

The Philippine National Police Academy or PNPA Entrance Exam also known as PNPA Cadet Admission Test is a government program that grants scholarship to any individual that meets the minimum requirements. This is a 4-year education and training program with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Public Safety. Graduates in this 4-year course may appoint as Philippine Lieutenants of the Philippine National Police, as Inspectors of the Bureau of Jail Management and/or Penology and Bureau of Fire Protection.

Initial Requirements:

• Natural born Filipino Citizen

• Must 18 to 22 years old on the date of appointment

• Single with no parental obligation

• Applicants must be atleast a Senior High School (SHS) graduate

• At least 162.5cm in height for men or 5 feet and 4 inches and 157.5cm in height for women or 5 feet and 2 inches

• Applicant\’s weight must corresponds to their height, gender and age (in reference to BMI)

• Physically and mentally fit

• With good moral character (no criminal, administrative and/or civil derogatory records)

• With no pending complaint and/or case before any tribunal involving moral turpitude and other cases against the State

• Not a former candidate of PNPA or similar service academies such as PMMA, PMA or MAAP

• Must not have records of dismissal from any private employment or government position for a cause

Note: Applicants with highest honors are exempted for the test but must meet the initial requirements.  

PMA Entrance Examination

Philippine Military Academy Entrance Examination or PMAEE is a type of entrance exam scholarship which measures one\’s mental ability in the subject areas such as Math which includes Algebra and Geometry, English which includes Grammar, Composition, and Reading Comprehension) and Abstract Reasoning also known as SPMA which includes Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Pattern Analysis) 

Initial Requirements


• Natural-born Filipino

• Physical fitness and good moral character

• Single and no parental obligations

• High school graduate with a general average grade of at least 85 percent

• At least 5 feet in height

• No administrative or criminal case

• Applicants must be at least 17 years of age but not older than 22 years old on the admission

Note: Applicants with highest honors are exempted for the test but must meet the initial requirements.

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