Technology for Teaching and Learning Part 2

1. Teacher John is using technology to enhance the learning in his subject matter. He is practicing:

A. gamification
B. collaboration
C. technology – driven
D. integration
2. The following are the instructional materials as supplements to textbook, except:
A. computer software
B. tables, charts, and maps
C. guide questions
D. mobile app
3. Teacher Gabriel has shown only the important portion rather than whole video as a motivation to his lesson in the class. What did he achieved?
A. saving on electricity
B. avoiding unnecessary noise
C. better use of time
D. managing discipline
4. The following are the importance of internet and world wide web in the teaching and learning, except:
A. Access to a large database of information
B. Support open distance learning
C. Extended learning opportunities
D. Can be used in search of a lifetime partner
5. Arrange chronologically the following events of instruction that was developed by Robert Gagne:
I. Elicit performance
II. Provide feedback
III. Gain attention
IV. Inform learners of objectives
V. Stimulate recall of prior learning
A. I, III, II, V
B. II, V, III, I
C. II, V, III, IV, I
D. III, IV, V, I, II

6. In providing the students access to the internet, teachers should observe these standards, except:
A. Teach students to test reliability and authenticity of  website.
B. Allow students to independently explore the world wide web.
C. Require students to cite all the websites they use to ensure that they give proper credit and avoid plagiarism.
D. Inform students of their limitations in accessing the internet.
7. Authentic learning can also be similar with this level n Dale’s Cone of Experience.
A. contrived experiences
B. direct, purposeful experiences
C. dramatized experiences
D. field trips
8. What level of technology integration is reached by teacher Liza who builds a learning environment that instills the power of technology tools throughout the day and across.
A. Infusion
B. Adaptation
C. Transformation
D. Adoption
9. What educational technology is most appropriate in showing the trend in temperature change from month-to-month?
A. bar graph
B. flowchart
C. drawing
D. map
10. Blended learning is made is made possible partly through actual classroom meetings coupled with ____ instruction.
A. print module
B. tape – recorder
C. online
D. private tutor
Key to Correction:
1. D
2. C
3. C
4. D
5. D 
6. B
7. B
8. C
9. A
10. C

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