Technology for Teaching and Learning Part 3

 1. Among the five levels of technology integration, what is achieved by Teacher Ruby who directs students on the conventional use of tool-based software like Microsoft as an entry point?

A. adaptation

B. infusion

C. adoption

D. transformation

2. Teacher Toni builds a rich leaning environment in which students regularly engage in activities that would have been impossible to achieve without technology, e.g. their own PowerPoint presentation of lessons. This act of Teacher Toni can be classified to this level of technology integration.

A. adoption

B. adaptation

C. infusion

D. transformation

3. What level of technology integration is achieved by Teacher Fe who applies collaborative learning and also enables students to use technology to collaborate with peers and experts regardless of time zone and physical distance, etc.?

A. infusion

B. entry

C. transformation

D. adaptation

4. In ICT, what component advanced the application of modern-day digital technology (PC’s phones, internet communication, etc.) that was superior to the analogue technology in the late 1900’s (e.g. movies using projectors, line telephone communication, beepers, etc.)?

A. electronic circuit

B. physical structure

C. editorial content

D. entertainment content

5. MOOC’s or Massive Open Online Courses are open since they are _____.

A. free for all

B. in the internet

C. available during the opening of the school year

D. open to ideas without limit

6. With the influx of technology in the 21st century, how can students be best re-educated on the ethical use of social media, such as Facebook and mobile texting?

A. integrate social media competencies in the curriculum

B. students monitoring of peers

C. punishment for violators

D. seminar on social media

7. What is the appropriate response for millennials who are more exposed to virtual reality (digital toys and tools) instead of actual reality?

A. No mobile phone in school

B. Limits use of Facebook and texting

C. PTA conference with parents

D. align learning inn context of reality

8. Clear and organized presentation for lecture and/or instruction can be done by means of _____.

A. PowerPoint

B. diskette

 C. acetate

D. glass board

9. Face-to-face communication is made possible via computer through the use of _____.

A. Email

B. Twitter

C. Skype

D. Google

10. Internet is the term used to describe the _____.

A. software

B. information super highway

C. desktop computer

D. cellphone

Key to Correction:

1. C

2. D

3. C

4. B

5. B

6. A

7. D

8. A

9. C

10. B

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